My lifelong love for film, coupled with my passion for education, has driven me to use filmmaking as a tool to educate. My fascination with films started when I received a camera for my eighth birthday. As I developed as a filmmaker, I was drawn to producing because of the perfect balance of creativity and logistical thinking. In college, I found my voice by creating narrative films inspired by my childhood with strong youth protagonists and universal themes. After working in the industry, I decided to focus on youth film education and became inspired by educational practices and kids' access to technology. 

I pursued an interdisciplinary MFA degree with various classes focused on civic media, drama education, research, and new areas of visual media. My time at school concluded with my thesis project, a multi-media online art installation that explores the relationship I had with my grandmother.

In the summer of 2020, I fulfilled one of my life long dreams and started a nonprofit. (www.artsintegrated.org) The mission is to enhance education by creating tools for teachers to help inspire art based learning. As a teaching artist, I strive to engage, challenge, and encourage growth in my students. I believe art education and integration fosters many life skills, including communication, collaboration, and creativity. I currently teach high school media arts around Chicago.